Dr. Christoph Schneider

Post-Doc at the Friedrich Schiedel-Endowed Chair of Sociology of Science, Technical University of Munich


Studied Sociology and Educational Planning and Instructional Design at the University of Freiburg (B.A.) and Sociology (M.A.) at Lancaster University, United Kingdom. 2017 PhD Degree at the Munich Center for Technology in Society of Technical University Munich (Title: Transforming TechKnowledgies: the case of open digital fabrication). From 2012 to 2017 scientific statt at the Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Since April 2017 Post-Doc at Chair of Sociology of Science at Technical University Munich.

Main Research

  • Sociology of futures
  • Sociology of technoscience
  • Public sociology and action research
  • Political economy of technologies and innovation processes
  • Technology Assessment

Teaching - Main Focus

  • Interdisciplinary courses on technology, society and democracy

Awards / Fellowships / Scholarships

  • Together with Julia Hahn „More than Bits and Bytes – junior researchers communicate their work”, awarded by "Wissenschaft im Dialog" and the Federal Ministry for Science and Education, Germany. (2014)
  • ‘Victoria Stockton prize’ for the best Master’s dissertation, Sociology Department, Lancaster University, United Kingdom (2011)


  • Section “Science and Technology Studies” at German Sociological Association
  • Network Technology Assessment (NTA)

Publications (Selection)

  • Maasen, S., Dickel, S., Schneider, C. (eds.) (forthcoming) TechnoScienceSociety. Technological reconfigurations of science and society. Heidelberg: Springer
  • Sand, M., Schneider, C. (eds.) (2017) Visioneering sociotechnical innovations. Special section, NanoEthics: Studies of New and Emerging Technologies
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  • Lösch, A.; Schneider C. (forthcoming) ‘Smart Grid-Experimente im Macht-Wissens-Dispositiv der Energiewende‘; In: Böschen, S.; Groß, M.; Krohn W. (eds.) Experimentelle Gesellschaft – das Experiment als wissensgesellschaftliches Dispositiv? Baden Baden: Edition Sigma/Nomos
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  • Schneider, C.; Hahn, J. (2015) ‚Hacking responsible innovation - A workshop at the S.NET Conference 2014 and an experiment in responsible research and innovation’. In: Bowman, D.M. et al. (Hg.): Practices of innovation and responsibility: Insights from methods, governance and action. Berlin: AKA, pp. 227-234
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